The Belmont Forum holds one plenary meeting annually for members, partners, observers, and guests.  At these business meetings, Forum governance, Secretariat operations and management, member agency priorities and funding trends, and updates from the Thematic Programme Offices overseeing Collaborative Research Actions are shared.  New Collaborative Research Actions may be proposed by members and discussed.

Additionally, the Thematic Programme Offices organize mid-term and end-of-project meetings for each of the Collaborative Research Actions.  These meetings are open to awardees and provide an opportunity to share progress and lessons learned about their research projects.

The Belmont Forum Secretariat may also organize meetings and workshops around specific areas of interest to the members or that bring an added value to the research funded in the Collaborative Research Actions.

Special sessions at large meetings where many Belmont Forum awardees are in attendance may be proposed.  Please contact the Belmont Forum Secretariat for more information about hosting a Belmont Forum Session at a meeting or conference.